The production industry is constantly evolving, and innovation is the key to success. Optiserve proudly introduces the XCalibur 2.0, a new milestone in technology that significantly improves uptime for customers in production. This advanced machine will be presented at Interpom 2024 in November. Let’s explore the innovations of the XCalibur 2.0 that make your production process more efficient and reliable.

Improvements and Innovations of the XCalibur 2.0

The XCalibur 2.0 is designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind. Here are some of the key improvements, bundled for a clearer overview:

1. Flexible motor options and detection belt Change

You have the choice between a slip-on motor or a drum motor, allowing the machine to seamlessly integrate with your existing production line. Additionally, the detection belt can be changed on both sides, reducing maintenance time and increasing productivity.

2. Improved belt replacement and belt track method

Thanks to the quick-release construction and improved belt track method, the detection belt is easier and faster to replace, minimizing downtime. The resistance surface of the belt running surface has been minimized, ensuring smoother operation and less wear.

3. Durability and reliability

The indoor air conditioning unit has special corrosion protection, extending the machine’s lifespan even in demanding environments. The redesigned blow-off valves, air knife, and manifold ensure more precise and stronger removal of defects.

4. Geavanceerde technologie en verlichting

De toepassing van de nieuwste 3CCD camera’s verbetert de contrasten op groen en bruin, waardoor de detectie nauwkeuriger is. De Camera Vision unit is nu uitgerust met LED verlichting in plaats van TL’s, wat resulteert in een energiezuinigere en duurzamere oplossing.

5. Remote control support

With fast and effective support via remote control, you can monitor, adjust, and receive support for the machine remotely, drastically reducing downtime.


The XCalibur 2.0 from Optiserve offers a range of improvements that significantly enhance production uptime for customers. From flexible motor options to advanced camera technology and remote support, this machine is designed to optimize your production process. Visit us at Interpom 2024 and discover the benefits of the XCalibur 2.0 for yourself.

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