Innovative Sorting Solutions


Helping come up with solutions that work is second nature to OptiServe. After more than 15 years of overhauling optical sorting machines, we have a lot of knowledge and experience. Relating to sorting machines, specific user requirements and all common brands. We don’t duck challenges. 


OptiServe’s origins

Starting with a sustainable vision and emerging as a key player in the market. 


At OptiServe, research is ongoing

Innovation is at the heart of OptiServe. And its motivation for the future.  


OptiServe’s sorting is tailored to your product

Our advanced technology is applicable in a variety of industries.

Our partners

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Potatoes, fruit and vegetables, sweets, fish, nuts, salts, grains & seeds, crustaceans and shellfish and pet food

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Plastic, textiles, pharmaceuticals, tobacco,…

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PET flakes, glass, wood, textiles,…

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