Early days

OptiServe originated from a sustainable vision: making obsolete or defective sorting machines usable again – in a word, refurbishment. The E-Select was developed in this context, and OptiServe became the only player on the market with a refurbished sorting machine, and hence too the exclusive partner for fully refurbished second-hand sorting machines. 

OptiServe Xcalibur

The sorting machines of that time had limited functions and numerous problems. After several successful years with the E-Select, OptiServe wished to develop a new machine that could perform even better, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, but also with a view to efficiency and optimised production capacity. The idea was to create a sorting machine with higher capacity, a lower error rate, less waste production and less energy consumption. As an ambitious entrepreneur, OptiServe’s founder Antoine wanted to develop the basic platform for all future applications. 

Xcalibur was born.

Thanks to an innovation grant scheme, OptiServe was able to take its plans for a better sorting machine forward. Through the expertise of the University of Wageningen (WUR Food & BioBased Research) combined with the practical experience of OptiServe, we created a machine that could do everything that an ordinary sorting machine couldn’t do. The Xcalibur was born.



The NOISE innovation plan (New Optical Intelligent Sorting Enhancer) that was drawn up was based on two exclusive innovations: advanced sorting (‘classification’) and ‘intelligent puffing’. The new classification method went beyond sorting by length and colour: structure was also taken into account by the machine as a sorting process characteristic. In addition, the principle of intelligent puffing – smarter scanning and pneumatic ejection of objects – meant less waste and less energy consumption. OptiServe eventually received a patent for the innovative principle of intelligent puffing.

Innovative solutions.

OptiServe is keen to carry on innovating, and will do whatever it takes to help customers with their specific needs. We engage in the thought process together with the customer and look for a solution tailored to needs and budget.

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