OptiServe E-select

Invest in a customised sorting machine

Follow the example of many other sorting businesses at home and abroad: opt for the proven OptiServe success formula. Take the decision to invest in an optical sorting machine that will match your requirements perfectly. The E-Select is an affordable alternative, and an investment that will also save you money.

E-Select: sorting machines tailored to your budget

Are you looking for an optical sorting machine that’s tailored to your budget? With OptiServe’s E-Select you get a top-quality used machine. The emphasis is not just on sorting potato products, such as chips, pommes parisiennes or potato slices. Sliced ​​carrot and apple products are also within the possibilities. OptiServe supplies both colour sorters and black and white sorters. The contrast between good and bad products determines which machine you need.

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E-Select and Glide:
a unique configuration

If you opt for the E-Select and Glide combination, you will have a unique configuration that takes your optical sorting process to a higher level. The E-Select ensures good distribution and sorting of chips. The ‘reject’ chips are scanned and ejected pneumatically. A conveyor belt takes them to the Glide. This handy cutting system cuts away any green, brown or black areas from the chips. In short, you reduce waste to a minimum, and increase yield the smart way.


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