Apple processing

Optiserve is perfecting the apple processing industry. Specially designed for the precise sorting of apple cubes and slices, this advanced machine efficiently eliminates imperfections such as stems, cores, and peel residues.

With Xcalibur, your production process achieves a purity and efficiency level that is essential for the high-quality food processing industry.

Quality sorting. Up to 95% efficiency.

Our Xcalibur was brought to life to perfect the food processing industry through automation. We do this with an impressive efficiency of up to 95%.

This efficiency is not just a promise; it is a proven reality, supported by successful collaborations within the apple processing sector. These partnerships illustrate the power of Xcalibur in delivering top-quality confectionery fruit, essential for catering and pastry chefs.

Challenges in the food processing industry

The food processing industry faces numerous challenges, from ensuring product quality to meeting strict hygiene standards. Apple processing brings specific issues, such as removing imperfections and maintaining natural freshness.

Xcalibur is precise and clinical. The ideal combination for an advanced solution, enabling companies to face these challenges with confidence.

Adjustable settings

One of the unique selling points of Xcalibur is the ability to quickly and easily switch between different pre-programmed settings. This flexibility makes it possible to meet the diverse needs of customers without compromising on speed or efficiency.

It makes Xcalibur not just a tool for today, but also an investment to strategically scale your business.

Automating is growing

In a sector where every second and every detail counts, Xcalibur proves that automation is the key to growth. By streamlining processes and minimizing human errors, Xcalibur enables companies to increase their production capacity without sacrificing quality. This machine is not just a step forward in apple processing; it’s a leap forward for your entire business.

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