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Delve deep into the world of OptiServe, where we offer cutting-edge sorting solutions to keep your operations running smoothly. We have machines on standby, ready for immediate deployment to meet your needs. Join us for a personalized demonstration of our machines and applications. Experience firsthand how OptiServe technology can transform your operations.

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Uncover the power of OptiServe in a personalized demo! Bring along your unique product and/or challenges, and let us demonstrate the capabilities of our technology. Post-demo, we provide bespoke solutions, ranging from our pioneering Xcalibur to the budget-conscious E-Select options.

In the course of the demo, you’ll explore the highlights of our offerings, including:

From Stock to Top Speed acceleration

We have a selection of our leading machines available directly from our stock, offering special prices:

  • Xcalibur: This machine brings advanced quality control to your optical sorting process. The Xcalibur classifies objects based on color, size, shape, and structure, thus ensuring faster, more precise, and safer sorting than its competitors.
  • E-Select Refurbishment: OptiServe rejuvenates old machines. Consider investing in a customized sorting machine like the E-Select, a cost-effective alternative that fits perfectly, delivering impressive return on investment. 

Find your optimal sorting solution

We eagerly look forward to welcoming you at our demo days and assisting you in finding the optimal sorting solution for your business. Seize your opportunity to delve into the world of OptiServe’s inventive sorting solutions and secure your demo today!

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